What's BirthdayMob?

BirthdayMob is a fun and thoughtful "gag" that you play on someone to make them feel special on their birthday. It's the polar opposite of "Reply 1 to post 'Happy Birthday!'"

A Greeting That's Sincere and Fun For Everyone!

It's easy to setup a BirthdayMob and invite friends, coworkers, and family. It's fun for everyone to "get in" on the joke and playfully mob someone with fun and creative messages on their birthday. We've seen people get really creative and end up with something that's more meaningful than a wall full of 50 "Happy Birthday" messages. Of course it's nice to get them, but it's even nicer to know that someone took even just a little bit of forethought to create or select a message that's tailored just for you.
We promise it'll be the one of the most unique, inexpensive, and genuine ways to show someone you care.

Why BirthdayMob?

It's a Fun Birthday Gag!
It's full of suspense and surprise!
Since we deliver the messages from our phone number...
  • They don't know who messages are from until you tell them or we do the next day.
  • We tell them how many messages to expect, keeping them in suspense until they're all delivered.
Masks Disguising your identity is fun!
When creating a message, you can pretend to be anyone you like. We won't tell them it's you... till the day after.
Kardashian kim Grumpy cat Leonardo dicaprio Cookie monster
Send messages as celebrities, musicians, sports figures, pets, restaurants, cars, food, etc.
It's Sincere and Social!
It's a social event!
Creating and sending messages as a group is a fun and entertaining experience for everyone!
A creative and personal group card!
With BirthdayMob you're telling them...
  • "We remembered and created messages that are just for you."
  • "We like you enough to send this little gag birthday gift to you
It's unique and memorable!
There's nothing else like BirthdayMob and the recipient gets a permanent memoir of their BirthdayMob.
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