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It's Somaaaay's Birthday! As you all know she celebrates every year with a day off and a hike. Let's show her how much we all love her by messing with her, roasting, and toasting her!
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Happy39 Nice work Rodrigo!
BirthdayMob Messages for Somay

On July 28, 2016 Somay was BirthdayMobbed by 15 people! Below are all the messages we delivered and any responses from Somay.

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BirthdayMob Date - July 28
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Happy Birthday Somay! You're being birthday mobbed! Someone you know put us up to this. We'll be sending you at least 13 birthday messages, maybe more. Learn more here: (url removed). OK, ready? :-) Your first message will arrive shortly...
09:00AM PDT
From: Rodrigo
Disguised as Masks
HEY GIRL, IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY. LET'S CELEBRATE THIS IN STYLE!! And. We're. Off!!! (Hint: Reply to this text message to say thanks)
09:05AM PDT
From: Jon
Disguised as Masks
Happy Birthday! I hope you're sleeping in like these 2.
09:30AM PDT
What is this thing?? I think I might be too old to understand what is happening 😂😂😂
09:49AM PDT
From: Manon
Disguised as Masks
Joyeux anniversaire Somay!!! I hope you treat yourself like this pup did! Have an amazing day! <3
10:00AM PDT
From: Claire
Disguised as Masks
You and this cat have something in common... is it a) an uncanny ability to balance on two feet, b) luscious locks of hair, c) epic dance moves, or d) all of the above?
10:30AM PDT
From: Rodrigo
Disguised as Masks
Giphy tumblr
Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.
11:00AM PDT
From: Jon
Disguised as Masks
Happy Birthday Somay!!!!! I hope you meet these 2 on your hike!!!
11:30AM PDT
From: Claire
Disguised as Unicorn of dreams Masks
Giphy tumblr
Unicorn of dreams: There once was a woman named Somay Her gold panning skills were more than just okay She loves partying in casinos Such as those in Tahoe or Reno One day, you'll see her handsy dance moves on bluray
12:00PM PDT
From: Jon
Disguised as Masks
And then napping in the afternoon like these guys. Happy Birthday!
12:35PM PDT
From: Lev
Disguised as Otis Masks
Img 8178
Otis: Happy birthday to my favorite walker ever!
01:00PM PDT
From: Rodrigo
Disguised as Masks
Giphy tumblr
Take it from this guy: It takes a long time to grow young.
01:30PM PDT
From: Lev
Disguised as Facebook Masks
Img 8179
Facebook: Thank you for showing off your handsiness at our holiday parties! Happy birthday!
02:00PM PDT
Omg I've been away from my phone and it is amazing to see all these messages at once. (Except for that last one - Nick I swear If that is you again... 👿) Thank you to whoever is the mastermind behind this!! This is hilarious and incredible
02:05PM PDT
Img 3943
Kathy: HAPPY BIRTHDAY love me and a dog who doesn't know how to pose for photographs
02:30PM PDT
From: Rodrigo
Disguised as Sia Masks
Giphy tumblr
Sia: Happy birthday Somay!
03:00PM PDT
From: V
Disguised as ??? Masks
???: I've got a special gift for you, but it's outside the "zone"... (Wink, wink)
03:30PM PDT
V: Happy burfday, boo! 😚
04:00PM PDT
From: Claire
Disguised as FSS Olympics participant Masks
Giphy tumblr
FSS Olympics participant: S is for silly. O is for orgasmic. M is for mo Somay mo fun. A is for actually I am in love with Somay. Y is for YOU HAVE A BIRTHDAY
04:30PM PDT
From: Claire
Disguised as CAT-ch me if you can Masks
05:00PM PDT
Sonali: Do a little dance in your birthday hike. Xoxoxo, thanks for being the best. Much love sister
05:30PM PDT
Catching up on more messages. Wtf is the zone?? That sounds dirty.
05:31PM PDT
Also I love trying to figure out who sent what for those of you who stayed anon. Will I get an answer key at the end???
05:33PM PDT
ps I still really want to know who sent me what though. You can confess yourselves in person 🙃
05:55PM PDT
From: Taylor
Disguised as Dotty Masks
Dotty: You still got it!!
06:30PM PDT
From: Rodrigo
Disguised as The Mastermind Masks
The Mastermind: Your day off ritual is an inspiration. But I wanted to spice it up with this birthday mob :). I hope this helped make your birthday extra special! - Rodrigo
07:00PM PDT
Hot rod, you were the mastermind???🙆🏻 Bravo 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 💐 You know how to make a gal feel special 😊 And thank you to everyone who participated and sent me so many of my favorite things - adorable animals! inter species friendships! Cool dance moves! Etc! You all know me so well 😊😊😊
09:55PM PDT
Well that was a fun birthday wasn't it? Remember that you can reply to everyone as well as see who all of the messages were from on your mob memoir page: (url removed)
July 29,2016 09:00AM PDT
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