How BirthdayMob works

BirthdayMob is a fun group birthday card that we deliver via text messages
1 - Schedule a Mob
Tell us the recipient's name, birthday
, and phone number
, along with delivery style and start time
Message interval
2 - Invite Friends To Join
Share your private
invite link
with friends
to join and create messages. (No registration required)
Invite others message
3 - Create Messages
Create your own awesome
or select from our message gallery. (Disguising your identity increases the fun and impact of your mob.)
From: Rod
Disguised as Cookie Monster Masks
Cookie Monster: Me hope you have birthday like dis
4 - We Send Your Messages
(For a one-time fee of $8.00)
the fun unfold as we send your messages to their phone! Bm logo only icon 2x (Everyone can see all messages and responses and respond back.)
Bm logo horiz3
Happy Birthday Maria! You're being birthday mobbed! Someone you know put us up to this. We'll be sending you at least 14 birthday messages, maybe more. Learn more here: (url removed). OK, ready? :-) Your first message will arrive shortly...
5 - We Send A Memoir
At the end
they get a memoir revealing all senders
Well that was a fun birthday wasn't it? Remember that you can reply to everyone as well as see who all of the messages were from on your mob memoir page: (link)
BirthdayMob is unique, fun, and memorable for everyone involved.

Know someone who needs a BirthdayMob?
(Don't worry if their birthday isn't soon, we can remind you)

No but I like surprises!
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